What Our Clients Say

Here’s what some of Silent Partner’s clients have said about working with Deborah Epworth-Weinberger

Deborah is exceptionally talented at transforming your wardrobe and appearance to make you look stylish and feel comfortable while working within any budget.  – J.R.,  Attorney

It was a true pleasure working with Deborah at Silent Partner.  I am someone who hates to shop for clothes. She made it an easy, fast and first-class experience. My wife was excited and said I finally look cool. – R.E.,  Commodities Entrepreneur

What Deborah was able to “repurpose” from the clothing I already owned was remarkable. I feared I would need an entirely new wardrobe, but boy did she prove me wrong. I feel a million times better about my look and my clothing options. – C.S.,  Busy Mother of Two

Deborah transformed my overstuffed closet into an organized resource and gave me the tools to put together outfits that work for me. She listens to your needs and respects your taste, while at the same time helping you up your game. After my time with Deborah, I can open my closet with a new eye and the confidence to make new outfits work! – A.S.,  Professor

I love the way Deborah keeps a vision of what might work for me in her mind and then hunts it down. Having someone with such an acute sense of my style shop for me is so fantastic! – M.B., Psychologist, Author, Coach

When my daughter gave me Silent Partner’s services as a gift, I had no idea how transformative it would be. With Deborah’s artistry, warmth, empathy and humor, she edited my cluttered, unworkable closet into a jewel of a wardrobe. She is magical! – R.B., Real Estate Executive

I hired Silent Partner to work with me in the lead-up to my son’s bar mitzvah, and the results were fantastic. Not only did Deborah make me look and feel my best for the big day (my husband’s word was ”stunning”!) she also helped me organize my work wardrobe and declutter my closet. – F.W., Financial Executive